'bout Us

All ‘bout Trees is where we take the bounty offered by the earth and place it in your hands. We are an ecofriendly and environmentally responsible lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles California – Nature is our mantra and the Gold Squirrel our logo. The noble creature is a part and parcel of nature, inhabiting trees and bushes munching and roaming around, keeping an eye on everything. With the same attention to detail, the materials we create and use are then transformed into the latest fashions. We aim at offering you items which say something about who you are as a person.

From head to toe, all items we display on our website are locally sourced and produced – therefore making them sweatshop free. The designs we incorporate revolve around and stem from nature at its best. When you buy from us and display our work, you make a statement and show just how conscious you are about the resources which we at times take so much for granted.

We are passionate about the work we do and are constantly evolving and shaping new ways on how to improve our production line and offer you additional items and accessories. Our environmentally friendly products mean that we want our customers to have guilt free lives with a clear conscious.